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Cuttings ficus robusta

Question: cuttings ficus robusta

I have a vase of f. sturdy, I would like to give it a less cumbersome shape, it widens and does not lengthen, I keep it all year round on the stairs at home, and it takes up too much space, I would like to know how to remove some branches so as to resize it, and perhaps with the branches cut , to start the new plants straight from the pot itself, so he knows little, he is at least ten years old, move it and let it die, otherwise I would place it at home, thanks for your attention

By cutting we mean the process by which others start from plants that you already own. The method is simple and cheap and allows you to create a real garden full of flowers and plants without making your wallet cry. The first step is definitely to choose the plant you want to have reproduced. Once the choice is made, it is necessary to cut a rather long branch of the same with clean and well sharpened scissors. The cut in fact must be clean and practiced horizontally. Later it is good that on each branch there is only one leaf of the plant, positioned on top of the branch. Once you cut more twigs and remove the superfluous leaves, you need to prepare the soil. The container can be a small vase or a plastic container in which we will place earth and gravel, essential components for the correct growth of the seedlings. We need to press the earth a little to make it fight and then we will be ready to plant our twigs. Before covering the chosen pot or container, it is good to water the seedlings with water spray. From this step, you will have to let about a year pass before doing the repotting in a larger container.