Lawnmower robot

In this section we deal with "smart" garden tools and environmentally friendly. We will talk about lawnmower robots, a real revolution in the world of garden care. The robots, in fact, independently mow the grass of the lawn allowing you to experience the garden without stress and without fatigue. These small tools really do it all themselves, which is why they are called "smart". Equipped with computerized microchips, lawn mower robots know how to manage grass cutting in any condition and roughness, even at night, in rain and on steep terrain. Their functionality is not only innovative, but also revolutionary, because, for the first time, it expresses itself without the help of human labor. The owner of the lawn mower robot only needs to program the machine to set the times and the power of the work or the cut. The lawn mower robots are very useful in lawn care and this is why we have decided to dedicate a whole section to them. The lawn mower robots have a painted metal body and plastic wheels, movement sensors and sharp blades to mow the lawn. grass of the meadow to perfection. Small, compact and practical, the lawn mower robots allow you to have your lawn completely shaved and uniform and a perfectly walkable turf. Moreover, these tools avoid having to dispose of grass residues because they chop them, releasing them onto the soil as if they were fertilizer. In this way, the lawn's soil will always appear soft, fertile, mulched and without weeds. In short, with these features, lawn mower robots can be defined as real dream accessories or gardening jewels. Due to their functionality, these tools are ideal in large lawns or in areas that are difficult to reach with traditional manual cutting. The lawn mower robots work with electric power, therefore they are not polluting and with CO2 emissions practically zero. Unlike other electrical devices, lawn mower robots do not have a wire to be connected to the power cable, but a separate charging station consisting of a battery and a control unit. The charging station is located in a separate place with respect to the moving robot. It will be the latter, then, after having discharged and exhausted its energy supplies, to return to the control unit to recharge. The lawn mower robot is a truly ingenious tool: it can in fact work at night, with rain and in other difficult conditions. Thanks to the sensors, the robot can perceive adverse weather conditions and avoid obstacles. In the event of uphill meadows or other obstacles, the tool is able to perform targeted movements that allow cutting. Being powered by an electric battery, the tool is also particularly quiet and this allows it to be used even at night or in other situations where it is not possible to use tools that emit loud noises. Microchips and sensors connected to the network, allow you to program the robot according to your needs. Through the programming menu, for example, you can set the cutting height of the grass, the maximum surface to be mowed and the type of movements to be performed. The shock-resistant and quality materials make the robot mower particularly resistant to shocks and external agents, such as rain, heat, frost and humidity. The lawn mower robot is cleaned twice a month with a broom or a cloth. This cleaning must be thorough. Once a month, however, the lower part of the body must be cleaned. Once a week you must also check that the cutting blades are well sharpened. These need to be sharpened once a month and replaced every six months. Once a week the area around the wheels must also be cleaned. For cleaning you can use a cloth or a broom, the important thing is that the wheels are cleaned of plant debris and are free to rotate in any direction. Also check the electrical contacts of the robot and the charging station: if they appear to be burnt they must be replaced immediately. The costs of the lawn mower robots vary according to the brand, size, power and maximum surface that these tools can mow. In fact, there are lawn mower robots on the market that can mow from 1500 to 2000 square meters. Robots with the maximum surface can also be programmed to mow smaller surfaces. The prices of these tools range from four hundred to two thousand five hundred euros. The higher prices refer, of course, to the most powerful and largest robots. Everything you need to know about these automatic tools, in the articles of our section. We invite you to read them to clarify your ideas and to choose the best lawnmower robots currently available on the market. Good reading, therefore, and a good choice.