Video garden

Gardening is also learned by looking at it. If it is true that the practice is indispensable, the vision of guides and video tutorials is even more so, because, as they say, "you never learn without seeing". The "video garden" section responds precisely to this need: to help the reader learn the main methods of plant cultivation. In "video garden" several videos are published that explain how to cultivate different types of plants. Each video resource lasts about three minutes and speaks of a specific plant. To find the video with the species of interest, just click on the names of the plants indicated in alphabetical order. In the section you will find videos dedicated to evergreen shrubs, aromatic plants, bulbs, climbing plants, herbaceous plants and flowering species. Each video shows the cultivation techniques and methods of the surveyed plant. The video opens with the botanical description of the species to be cultivated and then with the detailed explanation of the cultivation methods. In the video, for example, you will find out which type of soil is suitable for that species when planting it, planting it, fertilizing it, pruning it and irrigating it. In the margins of the page that contains the video, textual content is also included which summarizes the audio and video contents of the displayed resource. All videos can be commented by users. With the "video garden" section you can also learn about the cultivation techniques of rare or little known species. In fact, inside the video there are some videos that talk about how to cultivate the indica cane or the callestemon, respectively plants of American and Australian origin. There are also videos on jasmine, heather, camellia, aromatic plants, vegetables and evergreen shrubs. Each resource allows you to learn gardening in a simple and pleasant way. The advantage of videos is that they can be reviewed several times in the event of difficulty understanding concepts. Video viewing is a good training method and an opportunity to learn how to practice gardening comfortably and effortlessly. It is not tiring to watch video tutorials that last about three minutes or at most three and a half minutes. Even if they last as long as a song, these videos summarize very well all the concepts to be put into practice in your garden. To experiment right away when told in the videos, we recommend that you watch them. Good vision!