Bosch trimmer

How to better care for a garden thanks to an trimmer

Gardens and parks require constant attention and the use of adequate tools to achieve the best results. Whether you live in an apartment with a small garden or in a house with a large park, it is essential to do things right and with the right tools. Lawn is certainly the most obvious component of any green area and a regular shave allows to obtain the maximum in terms of general aesthetic effect. A lawnmower, however, is not enough to carry out the maintenance of a beautiful and orderly turf alone. This tool, in fact, has important limits when approaching obstacles. Be it flower beds, perhaps adorned with stones to trace the outlines, trees or walls and fencing nets, the lawn mower will not be able to reach the edges. You can work around this problem by using an edge cutter, or brush cutter. It is a tool designed specifically to get there where the mower shows its limits.

Models, characteristics and use of edge cutters

On the market there are several models of trimmer for hobby or professional use. The first important distinction is that between electric and petrol models. The former are generally suitable for limited uses, for occasional maintenance or green areas that are not very extensive. The big limitations of those models are usually in autonomy and power. Batteries and electric motors are not always able to reach the efficiency levels and the performance of tools equipped with a petrol engine. The latter, however, may in turn present limits that could represent a deterrent in their choice. Generally these have small tanks installed along the tool shaft. The more complex models, however, use a shoulder-mounted motor, which is worn thanks to a harness. Although these models have an undeniable advantage in terms of performance and autonomy, use is often inconvenient and heavy. Furthermore, petrol models with two-stroke engines require the preparation of a mixture with oil.

Key features of the Bosch trimmer

The Bosch gardening tool line offers two models of professional edge trimmers that can also meet the needs of home use, the GFR 25 and the GFR 42. These are tools equipped with a 36 Volt lithium battery that can be used. develop a power of 216 Wh. The main difference between the two variants is given by the length of the cut, respectively of 25 and 42 cm. The Bosch models represent a combination of the power of the combustion models and the practicality of the power supply. They are fixed rod tools, light and with significantly lower vibrations and noise than petrol models. The special double handle makes it easier to use in the case of large surfaces and the metal blades are also suitable for cutting weeds or twigs. An alternative solution is offered, instead, by the innovative AMW 10 model. It is a multi-purpose system. In practice it is not only a Bosch trimmer, but it can also be used as a pruner and hedge trimmer. The basic unit is powered by a 1000 Watt electric motor and weighs just over four kilos.

Bosch trimmer: How to use

As mentioned, an edge cutter is an important tool for keeping a garden or a park in order, especially if it is particularly elaborate. In addition to the classic uses for cleaning the edges of flower beds, walls, fences or fences, this tool also finds its application in other contexts. For example, it can be fundamental to cut the grass in a difficult terrain, where it is complex to arrive with the lawnmower. Or it can be used to adjust the darkness that grows between the cracks of a pavement or a driveway. The important thing, especially when opting for extremely practical and simple instruments such as Bosch models, is not to underestimate the potential risks for the operator. If it is true, for example, that low noise and reduced vibrations make the use safer and more comfortable than petrol models, it is advisable to take breaks when work tends to last. Furthermore, the use of hand and eye protection, such as glasses and gloves, is always recommended when carrying out gardening work and while using machinery.