Mini compressor

How does it work

The compressors are so called tools because they supply compressed air that can be used for numerous uses. The operation of a mini compressor is almost the same as that of a normal model, unlike which, however, it is used exclusively to inflate vehicle tires, balloons, inflatable mattresses, inflatable beach toys, which is all that is inflatable with a normal pump. The flexible tube has a special connection for the valves of vehicle tires, however, some adapters are always supplied to attach to the valves of the inflatables and a needle-shaped adapter that is used to inflate the balloons (it is inserted into the hole). of the balloon containing the valve). All of them are equipped with a pressure gauge that controls the pressure of what is being inflated, when the hand indicates the indicated pressure you must stop.

Mini compressor to be powered by the vehicle battery

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The most common mini compressor models are those powered by the vehicle's battery. The structure is as follows: a cable with a plug is connected to the motor unit to be connected to the cigarette lighter connection. on the upper part there is the air outlet with the pressure gauge and the flexible pipe at the end of which is the connection to attach to the valve. Its use is simple: simply attach the hose to the valve and then connect the plug to the cigarette lighter attachment. As soon as the gauge shows the required pressure, the hose is immediately disconnected. Generally, despite having small dimensions and being quite light, commercially available models of this type are quite powerful and take quite a short time.

Models working with rechargeable battery

This type of mini compressor works with a rechargeable battery. It has a shape very similar to a cordless drill. At the end it has a hole to which a small flexible hose is connected. This hose has a breading to be screwed to the tire valve. Also in this case adapters are supplied to inflate other inflatable objects. To make it work, just connect the hose to the valve, grip the tool like a drill and press the switch on the handle until the pressure gauge indicates that the desired pressure has been reached. After each use it is always convenient to recharge the battery to make sure it has the necessary charge when you need to use our instrument. Surely it is more manageable as there are no wires to get in the way.


A model of this type can be easily purchased online from the numerous sales sites or at a supermarket or DIY store, in this case it is found in the car and motorcycle accessories department. The prices of mini compressors they usually range from 9-10 euros to a maximum of around 40-50 euros but they can also have higher costs. The price can vary greatly depending on the quality and maximum pressure delivered. They are also readily available at street vendor stalls of car accessories at markets or fairs, in which case they are often offered at rather low and affordable prices, thus offering the possibility of buying a compressor of moderate quality and saving a lot.