Snowplow characteristics

Snow plow tractors features

Every winter we meet them on the roads, during the snowfalls: snow plow tractors equipped with snow plows that clean the streets. Sometimes you meet them alone, sometimes in tandem with another tractor or with a truck. It is easier to find them in tandem on the big roads. But what are their characteristics? Front tractor and salt spreader just behind, but it is only one of the configurations with which these vehicles operate. They bring back a red and white striped panel, supplemented by a "mandatory passage" sign with an arrow pointing to the side where the vehicle can be passed. The panel and the signal are made with retro-reflective film. They are equipped with yellow or orange flashing lights with snow-sweeping blades equipped with red flags and bulky lights.

The Highway Code

The tractor (or rather, the agricultural tractor, as the Highway Code mentions, to distinguish them from the road ones) must be approved for this purpose, with a specific annotation on the registration document that authorizes it to the temporary coupling of the snow blade and prescribes the obligations to which the vehicle is subject when it circulates, during the transfer with the equipment raised or positioned. The approval is issued by the competent offices of the Department for land transport, at the request of the interested party. If, with the blade mounted, the shape of the tractor exceeds the width of 2.55 meters it becomes an "exceptional vehicle" and is subject to the specific traffic authorization. If, then, the width is greater than 3.20 meters there is the obligation of the technical stock, which carries out the enterprise directly.

Snow blades

The snow removal blades are divided into: single sector blades, sectors and special blades. The single sector is for less demanding operations, especially in urban centers; they are reliable and robust tools that, among other things, require little maintenance. The sector blades have a certain number of sectors (4-5 according to the models). In practice, every single sector is equipped with a spring system, when it meets a certain resistance it springs forward and overcomes the obstacle, the spring, then, makes it return to its place, just passed beyond. They are more suitable in the mountains with a lot of snow. The special blades are of variable geometry, the ailerons take on different configurations: with a right or left blade, with a spoon, with a V. Very flexible in use.

Snow plow characteristics: Rotary snow blowers

THE snow plow tractors they can also be equipped with rotary snow plows, otherwise called cutters or turbines which due to their characteristics can be used safely even in the presence of little snow. Generally, however, they are used for more demanding tasks, such as removing large amounts of snow and attacking snow walls. They are also able to load snow on trucks, if necessary. Generally, front power take-off is required on the tractors to which they are attached. Some more sophisticated versions can be hydraulically moved and equipped with the serrated cutting roller which is also able to work on frozen snow, in addition the high speed rear fan is designed to shoot snow up to 40 meters.