Pink roses

The Rose

The rose is a genus of flower that includes about 150 different specimens, which are grouped in different varieties with many hybrids and cultivars. The flower is native to Europe and Asia and has many different forms in which to present itself, the rose can be a bush, a sarmentosa, a creeper, or appear in shrubs or small trees, in bunches, in panicles or solitary flowers. The number of rose petals varies depending on the variety or if it is wild or cultivated, while the glass is composed of 5 sepals. The stem is provided with spines that vary greatly depending on the species. The fruit is formed by the enlargement of the receptacle and contains the seeds. The rose can be used as an ornamental plant in a vase or in gardens. The petals are used to extract rose essence.


The rose is a plant that adapts easily to any type of soil, as long as it is properly worked in depth, so they are particularly easy to grow. The only fairly obvious problem to counteract would be the attack by the parasites, so it should be appropriate to prevent them before the onset of symptoms. In case you want to plant roses in the garden it would be advisable to prepare the soil by mixing four parts of manure with a part of peat, the soil should be well dug up some months before being planted during the resting period of the plant. As for the shrub roses, it is advisable to plant the plants at a minimum distance of 60 cm, while for the saplings the optimal distance would be one meter.

Species and varieties

A main distinction is possible for the types of roses: botanical roses, old roses, modern and tea hybrid roses, miniature roses, bush roses and climbing roses. Botanical roses are those from which all other varieties have developed, they grow in nature and are formed by five petals. Ancient roses are hybrids of botanical roses made spontaneously or by enthusiasts. Tea hybrids originate in the East where they were used for the preparation of infusions and tea. Miniature roses are made by hybridization of Rosa Chinensis Minima with hybrids of Tea and Floribunda. The bush roses derive from the hybridization of botanical roses with old roses. Climbing roses are used to embellish balconies, pergolas, gardens.

Pink roses: Meaning

There pink rose it can present several different shades that will present different meanings. Depending on the degree of pink you can go from perfect happiness, tenderness, gratitude, appreciation, admiration or understanding, to a thank you felt with a truly darker pink, up to the admiration for a rose that will bring a much lighter shade . The red rose would represent the true love and the wildest passion, even if the number of red roses given with a bouquet would have a further meaning, some examples could be the following: a red rose would mean love at first sight, 2 an agreement secret, 3 I love you, 7 I want to be yours, 9 together for life, 365 I love you every day, 999 my love will have no end.