Sila Park

The Sila Park

The Sila National Park is located in an area of ​​extraordinary beauty, in its territory there are rural villages, tourist centers and artistic-cultural works of considerable interest. The landscapes that can be admired are very varied and from the heights you can enjoy a really wide view, up to the Aeolian Islands. The Parco della Sila is waiting to be discovered, it is a wonderful place, full of suggestive itineraries and exciting landscapes. There are mountains and valleys that seem to come out of a fairy tale, the flora and fauna are particularly varied and constitute a heritage of unmissable biodiversity. A particularity of the Sila Park are the curiosities and the legends that are whispered in the woods. It tells of the Pietra d'Atari and the Cerchio Sacro, the Briganti della Sila, the Lontra and the Lupo, the Castello, and more.

Paths and itineraries of the Parco della Sila

The paths and itineraries of the Parco della Sila are one of the park's priorities, in fact one of the objectives is precisely the reorganization and reorganization of the ancient paths, 600 km long, so that they can be used again. All this takes place in collaboration with the CAI of Calabria. In this way, places of great landscape, historical or cultural interest can be reached and well marked, also indicating the degree of difficulty of the excursion. In the accessibility project of the Parco della Sila, two Visitor Centers are also included: Cupone and A.Garcea equipped for the disabled, equipped with two means of transporting people with walking problems. The itineraries, programs and scenarios of the Parco Sila change with the seasons, always offering excellent reasons for a visit or a stay.

Reach the Parco della Sila

Reaching the Parco della Sila is convenient and easy. By car you can easily reach both those coming from the Ionian coast and those coming from the Tyrrhenian coast. In the first case, take the SS 106, in the second the SS18. The motorway exits are Cosenza, Rogliano, Altilia Grimaldi and further south Lamezia Terme. Alternatively you can take the SS 107, the road of the two seas, the SS108 or the SS281, depending on the chosen access point. The Parco della Sila is also reachable by train, from the stations of: Paola, Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro and Crotone, then using the Calabria railways and the extremely suggestive steam train for the stretch: Camigliatello, San Giovanni in Fiore. There are also several bus lines that complete the rail service. The nearest airports are those of Lamezia Terme and Crotone Sant'Anna.

Parco Sila: The environmental education of the Parco della Sila

The Parco della Sila has environmental education very much at heart, which is certainly one of the park's goals. The aim is to spread a culture of sustainability, in order to preserve and safeguard natural resources. The environmental education of the Parco della Sila, for this reason, has activated laboratories for school children, but not only. Let's see some of them: The network supporting the E.A. Promotion; The Park, schools and Environmental Education; General objectives; The Children's Park; A Park ... tailored and accessible to all; Institutional initiatives; Availability of structures and materials. Through these courses, in the field and in the classrooms, the park aims to inform and educate on environmental issues, on the enhancement of nature, traditions, protection of rare and non-rare species and on the conservation of a unique artistic and cultural heritage. unmissable, to be kept for future generations.