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Fat plants

Suffering fat plant

Question: Is my plant dying? Good evening I have this succulent plant for a year, they gave it to me in May for my wedding anniversary was in a much smaller vase in September it was decanted in this larger vase because the trunk began to turn yellow all through the winter in the kitchen and has been watered very little but for about a month the leaves are starting to collapse what can I do?
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Violet flower

Violet in mythology Violets are much-loved pot plants or flower beds. Available in a large number of colors, they are appreciated for their ability to bloom close to winter and for a prolonged period of time. In the garden they are a wonderful choice especially if you let them naturalize, taking advantage of their stoloning development, to cover large areas of land with their heart-shaped leaves, beautiful all year round.
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The most sought-after mushroom One of the most sought-after autumn mushrooms by all the admirers of this product of the earth is the finferla. Finferla is the name by which the cantharellus lutescens is more commonly indicated, or a fungus of the cantharellaceae family, which belongs to the same genus as the Cantharellus cibarius, which is instead called finferlo.
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Apartment plants

Ciclamini cure

Types of cyclamens and positioning Cyclamen is a brightly colored winter flower that, thanks to its resistance to cold, lasts throughout the season and even even into spring. We distinguish two basic types of cyclamens. The outdoor cyclamen, that is wild, the least widespread, characterized by small flowers, is suitable for cultivation in gardens, near larger plants that give it shade by sheltering it from the sun.
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